Corporate Catering


Is your office planning its next corporate event? We understand, with all the stress and effort that can go into planning a corporate catch-up, sometimes the last thing you want to think about is locking down the perfect caterer. Never fear! Now you can take the hassle out of planning and turn your office into the most exclusive bistro in town with a little help from your friends at Paddington Deli. No matter the occasion our superb range of gourmet catering will suit any taste and budget

Whether it’s a premium antipasto spread featuring house cured meats, pickles and crisp breads. A selection of local and imported cheeses, fruit pastes and muscatels, a sumptuous deli sandwich buffet with house made focaccia breads. Or handcrafted pastries, lovingly made with traditional cultured butters and flour by our very own French baker, we have all of your cravings covered.

Don’t get caught up with the hassle of party planning. Just contact the team at Paddington Deli and let our friendly, professional staff take care of the little details so you can sit back and enjoy the big picture.

Choose from the following catering options: 


Gourmet Deli Sandwich platters for 10 pax on large black disposable oval trays - $70 + GST
(1.5 sandwiches per person)
Gourmet Deli Rolls on platters for 10 pax on large black disposable oval trays - $100 + GST
(1.5 turkish rolls per person)
Gourmet cakes and treats for 10 pax on large black disposable oval trays - $80 + GST
(1.5 pieces per person) mixed cakes, slice, treats, pastries
Gourmet fruit platter for 10 pax on large black disposable oval trays - $70 + GST
(mixture of seasonal fruits)
French croissants, almond croissant, pain au chocolate, and danish platter for 10 pax on large black disposable oval tray - $70 + GST
(a selection of freshly baked, locally made pastries - made using proper French cultured butters, French flours and made with love by our French baker).

Our carefully selected, decadent wine list….








Does dining out feel less special without the perfect wine? Are you restricted to juices and soft drinks when a venue doesn’t stock low-sulphite bottles?

At Paddington Deli, we don’t just take an all-inclusive attitude with our food menu. To match personal tastes, dietary requirements, and diners who simply want to try something new, we have tailored our wine list to include low sulphite, organic, organic regime, and small producer boutique wines.



Expressing the regional qualities of Apple Tree Flat both inside and out, these wines are fruity and varietal. Pick up a beautifully detailed bottle from Paddington Deli – as our house red and white wines at only $8 a glass, these wines aren’t just great value: they boast full flavours, low sulphite levels, and organic regimes.



Our house white is pale straw in colour and zesty in flavour. Experience aromas of guava, lemon zest, lime, lanolin, sage and sea spray before indulging in its nutty, citrus flavour.



Paddington Deli’s house red was bottled in 2013. With aromas of fresh red berries and flavours influenced by mixed berries, plums, licorice and cinnamon, this wine is a real treat for the palate.



These wines are pressed from grapes grown in some of Australia’s highest altitude vineyards, mixing elegant European and fruity Australian flavours in one gorgeous bottle. The labels are embroidered by hand in a display of the care the winemakers have taken with every bottle of Logan wine.



This 2014 bottle is a fresh and elegant pair to your bistro-style meal. After lingering over aromas of citrus, nut, and pear, you’ll sip on a wine with white peach and zingy grapefruit flavours.



‘Al naturel’ is the style at Huia Vineyards, with no pesticides, chemicals or artificial additives on site. The result are gorgeous natural wines grown naturally and sustainably for eco-conscious diners.



Grown in New Zealand’s famous Marlborough region at the Winsome Vineyard, everything’s hunky dory with the Hunky Dory the Tangle. Full of complementing tastes and a little spicy, you’ll find flavours like honeysuckle, citrus, apple and lychee in this beautiful bottle.



Head over the pond with this Pinot Noir. After settling in French oak barrels for ten months before being bottled, smooth flavours of dark cherry and spice meet aromas of dark plum and vanilla.


Keen for a taste test? Stop by for a drop at Paddington Deli!

Call 07 3367 8819 for bookings.

Gourmand and Gourmets “Brisbane’s Breakfast Bucket List”


And so we made it again to the top of the Brekky list from Gourmand and Gourmet. They have good taste...We always knew our gluten free Sweet Corn fritters hit the mark with our regular customers but its great to get reviewed and recognised by some of Brisbane's best food critics.  Checkout the review here:Brisbane Breakfast Bucket ListCall 07 3367 8819 for bookings.

The Mad Maitre d’ Review

Paddington Deli Shoot 12-11-15-3-2

We are really proud of this lovely review we got on Monday from a couple new to Brisbane (who happen to be food critics it would appear!). Our food is made with love. You can taste the difference...we agree & thanks for the review ‪Checkout the full review here:…/…/07/paddington-deli-epicerie/The Mad Maître d’THEMADMAITRED.COM.AUCall  07 3367 8819 for bookings.

Christmas Corporate Hampers 2015


Premium Hamper 2


The Paddington Deli & Epicerie is proud to introduce our 2015 Gourmet Christmas Hamper range.We pride ourselves on quality, carefully curated product lines that each have their own story and are beautifully presented - every time.Our Gourmet Christmas Hampers are a perfect gift for your clients for the festive season to help them celebrate a gourmet Christmas feast with their family.To personalise your hamper, we can provide custom printed ribbon and stylish message card with your company logo or corporate identity.Paddington Deli & Epicerie is a local, family owned business and we thank you in advance for your support. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.You can you get a copy of the catalogue here and any orders can be made by calling Annie on 0478 679 223.Paddington Deli Christmas Hamper Catalogue-2Best regardsAntoinette Pease Owner